1. maybe with death grips gone we could get new hella tunes

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    The Last Conspiracy Fall/Winter 2014.

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    Andrei Tarkovsky, Film Still from “The Mirror”, (1975)

    Tarkovsky spent spent ten years of his life making a movie about his childhood purely, some say, as an excuse to show the footage of this Soviet military balloon from the Spanish Civil War.

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  6. can’t take selfies cause i have the eyes of a serial killer

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    Václav Buchtelík - Stairs

    acrylic and coal on paper

     200 x 150 cm

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    Rick Owens

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    Adam Ferriss - Europa (2012)

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    Matt from Hackme Electronics just posted these photos on Muff Wiggler of the new, black panels for the upcoming Vectr eurorack controller/sequecer module.

    Can’t wait to get one!

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    Umasan SS15

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    hmu if u wanna date a piece of shit

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